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Did you know? 

    • Men under 50 years of age require 38 grams of fiber a day, and women need 25 grams. Men over 50 should get at least 30 grams and women at least 21 grams.
    • The typical American diet only contains 10 grams or less of daily fiber.
    • To get to the targeted level of fiber a day, you will probably have to add a fiber supplement, in addition to emphasizing fiber-rich foods.
    • Clinical studies found that adding 14 grams of fiber per day was associated with weight loss of 5 pounds over 4 months. 

Replacing the fiber deficit (about 20 grams for most people) can be difficult and costly. It can also lead to weight gain. Trying to replace 20 grams of fiber eating foods high in fiber can lead to a large calorie load (several hundred calories) that accompanies the fiber.  May of my patients say that eating enough fruits and vegetables to offset this fiber deficit may be difficult due to shopping, seasonality, pesticide load if not organic, and cost.

I developed Dr. Levine’s Ultimate Weight Loss Formula™ (DLUWLF) as an easy way for my patients to get the fiber they are missing. 

One serving of DLUWLF provides 17 grams of healthy, zero-calorie fiber.  DLUWLF is unique in that it is the highest fiber drink available in the world and provides the health benefits of 5 different fibers: guar, oat, psyllium, locust bean gum and pectin.  

Dr. Levine’s Ultimate Weight Loss Formula is so healthy it received a patent for its ability to reduce weight, risks of cardiovascular disease, and toxins in the diet.


You can make a zero-calorie beverage as a snack anytime you feel cravings for food.

Save money on gas, time shopping for fiber-rich foods, worries about fruit being ripe or spoiling! DLUWLF costs about $2 per day.  AND you should save more than that in food you will not be buying because you are satiated and eating less!

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